White Baby Shark Forex Trading Robot EA

White Shark is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders when the wants are met. It uses a complicated technology to put orders within the right time with the proper lot. This forex trading robot is meant for beginners yet expert traders. Most of the inner parameters are hidden from user so that even a beginner can use it. You can download this Ea and back-test. I personally used a 99.9% real data for back-testing for an highly accurate result. All Parameters are optimized for the EUR/USD pair. It only requires to enter the percentage of risk.

Advantages: This EA can work in any market condition for the EUR/USD pair: it can run in news and even take advantage of them. It work 24/24: no need to turn off the EA, as it can operates days and nights H1 time frame.

Recommendations: It is recommended to enter a value between 1-3% as maximum. (back- test your settings with the initial balance, or ask me for the risk u need to use) This EA is optimized for the EUR/USD pair

ECN Account is usually perfect thus not a requirement but should be tight spread, you’ll even run it on a cent account. Few recommended brokers below:

If you can get a Swap-free account, then this is often needless to say a plus for this EA, thus not necessary. You can use Above brokers and any of them will be perfect but check for their cent accounts and try their demo account too.  For More Details: Plcase Click /  Visit

Setka Pro Forex Robot updated version with Robot ex4, Setfile and MQL4 Source Code file

The back-test went well. This EA was profitable with EURUSD pair in 1 hour timeframe. This iseems to be comparatively a bit safe EA as it doesn’t perform martingale or hedging.

Here are the details: Setka Pro Forex Trading Robot is an adviser for automatic currency trading which works without the usage of any forex indicators. The adviser uses Network strategy as a working principle. The adviser Setka Pro FX Trader is very popular throughout the world but it is mostly claimed in the Russian speaking segment of the World Wide Web. The adviser’s work is based exclusively on mathematical algorithms. Setka Pro FX Trader has works only with timeframes starting from M1 and higher. The minimum required trading lot is not less than 10000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot. The adviser is most effective and profitable with such currency pairs as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD. Setka Pro FX Trader has shown the most accurate work and most effective transactions on the MetaTrader4 trading terminal, even with the default settings, but the adviser can be used with other trading platforms too. The average profit got with the adviser exceeds more than twice the amount of its drawdowns. Setka Prof FX Trader Robot contains rather a large number of settings and trading parameters, but an experienced trader will deal with its functionality without much effort.

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Forex Cyborg EA- Forex Robot

Forex Cyborg EA may be a professional fully automated forex trading system for professional traders. It incorporates neural networks and
deep learning, running on your Meta Trader 4 trading platform placing, managing & closing trades. When the market is open, Forex Cyborg is trying to find subsequent trade. Based on back-testing in the Meta Trader 4 strategy tester,
Forex Cyborg has a high win rate on multiple currency pairs across thousands of trades for over 10 years of historical testing, adjusting to various market conditions for the short, medium & long term.

Forex Cyborg EA is often traded on multiple currency pairs with the default settings. You can adjust the lot size or risk per trade to an
amount that’s suitable for you. Forex Cyborg includes easy to follow setup instructions, full support, lifetime updates & a money-back guarantee.

·   SPECIFICATIONS: Forex Cyborg incorporates a combination of unique features including neural networks and deep learning
which help to ensure that it has such an impressive win rate and can dynamically adapt to market conditions. All trading conditions are built within the very long & complex Forex Cyborg trading algorithm.

·   MONEY MANAGEMENT: Forex Cyborg uses inbuilt sensible money management ensuring that one loss doesn’t wipe out all of your
gains. There is no martingale, no hedging & no arbitrage. The revolutionary new “currency correlation risk-manager” will assist you to manage your risk. Two different preset-types are build-in in the EA. You can choose from the “Normal” and therefore the “Conservative”-set.

·    TRADING HOURS: Forex Cyborg trades from 17:00-23:30 GMT Depending on the chosen currency pair.


·   TRADING ACCOUNT: There is no minimum trading account size or leverage required. You can use any broker & trading account
type. Only trade with what you feel comfortable with as your capital is at risk when trading.  More Details Please Visit   Click

The Forex Kingle Trading Robot EA

Forex-Kingle EA is a scalper trading system that trades with the trend. It will  do EVERYTHING for you, may be perfect for novices too. To boost your confidence we’ll provide you with a set file that provides you unimaginable accuracy with this.

·         We recommend using at least 100 USD which is 10,000 cent account or 5,000 standard account

·         Also, it best works on GBPUSD and EURUSD Note: You can still apply it on any set of pairs and it works fine.

·         Features

·         Here are key powerful features of this EA that makes it the king of hedging:

·         80% of the time, it makes profit without hedging.

·         It enters the market with a backup plan to hedge, so that when it hedges, it will still make the profit.

·         And it does not hedge using a grid method popularly used by other EAs.

You just need to set The Lot-Size, Your Profit and set Increase Your Risk value

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DaxBot Forex EA

DaxBot Forex EA is a revolutionary Trading Robot intended for MT4 Dax30 CFD.  It works on trading momentum and volume and takes only the first signal of the session on 5 min chart.  It increases lot size depending on the levels decided by the user. We trade normally to the 4th level and the EA has a win rate of 60% on 20 points SL and TP.  User has the authority to modify take profit and stop levels for each trade.

1. Profit Every Month – Consistency is the Key and DaxBot has it. This pure consistency allows traders to plan stable returns on a month by month basis, without having to anticipate for a “big” trade.

2. Choose Your Own Risk – Pick your own lot sizes – Trade the DAX from 0.1 lot up, so that’s €0.10 cents per point or €2 risk per loss. For the whales, you can trade up to €100 a point and greater,(€2k win), and for everyone else, there is the in-between.

3. Clear Trading Plan – Hard Stop And Profit Levels – Using fixed profit and loss of 20 points, a trader can easily set their risk metrics as each trade has a finite loss. No martingale, grids or cost averaging techniques are used. The strategy is easy to manage and monitor.   Get this Robot or Visit Click for more details

Forex Trend Hunter v 8.0 Robot

  • Forex Trend Hunter v8.0 Robot is an entirely automated trading system for the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, developed especially for the needs of ordinary forex traders, yet also used successfully by many professional traders.
  • Forex Trend Hunter is perhaps the best trend-following and long-term profitable Forex robot on the market.
  • With its help, you can enjoy the opportunity of making several hundred pips worth of profit per single transaction.
  • How it works? It is based on Trend. No trade it takes against trend. For this reason we suggest long time frame. But it can use short time frame and long time frame both. M30, H1 and H4 is preferable for running this EA.
  • It can measure strong and weak currency automatic.
  • Auto recovery system.
  • Major news time “Trend Hunter” has ability to analysis through technically.
  • Drawdown would be 20-30% maximum against your investment.
  • Depends on how much you taking risk.
  • If you take risk normal then drawdown would be 10%-20%. 40%-100% Profit it can generate.
  • Profit generating ratio is also depends on your risk taking mentality, but through a conservative way it can bring 40% profit monthly.
  • Quick & Easy 5 Minute Setup | Set & Forget
  • Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts
  • Low risk is main priority
  • Low balance can run through “Trend Hunter” EA.
  • No Trading Experience Required
  • US Brokers | Non-US Brokers
  • No Trading Account Limitations
  • No Minimum Leverage Required. Get More Details Click

Ultimate Breakout EA Forex Robot

Specially Designed for EURO USD Pair. Can work on any time frame but 1 Hour will work best. Can try on other pairs but as of now tested mostly on EURO USD. Breakout EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that trades breakouts based on bar time and has an option for trailing positions. The EA trades using pending orders when possible and has an advanced trailing stop feature that is based on previous bars.

• Easy to use and supervise
• Customizable trading direction
• Customizable donchian breakout period
• It can trade using pending or market orders
• Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop
• Built-in money management
• Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers
• Works for 2-3-4-5 digit symbols
• Filter trading by forex sessions
• Trades EURUSD breakouts on any time frame
• Full control over trade volumes, stops and profit levels
• Risk settings to control “frequency” of trading activity
• Works alongside other trading strategies

Reasons to Use this Expert
• Having a breakout strategy within your portfolio can make sense for a number of reasons.
• Low drawdown
• Diversifies other strategies
• High payoff potential
• Character of Breakout Events

Breakouts are instantly recognizable chart events having certain features in common:
• A “break out” of an existing price range
• A sudden increase in volatility
• Usually an increase in market volume
• “Whipsaw” motion before the final direction is “settled”. To know More Visit

“Kiss on Billions on EURUSD” Trading Robot EA

The provided Kiss on Billions EA robot may be a result of several years of trading and research on thousands of strategies, various indicators of forecasting, aimed toward creating the science of online trading engineering. By combining several strategies and algorithms during this robot, at changing each tick price, with the utmost precision and speed, whatever a trader needs, the robot gives it a fraction of a second.

The important advantage of this EA is that you simply can start to trade with a $300 Minimum initial Deposit. and therefore the robot can support your manual transactions on EURUSD.

Operations: This robot manages your account by focusing on the following 4 processes:

1. Activities before doing a transaction (sell\buy):  These measures include capital management and setting new deposits when the amount of positions is zero. Then forecast and find the trend and check the transaction in changing any tick price, then determine the amount and volume of orders.

2. Activities to open a transaction: Activities are related to managing orders place.

3. Activities after a transaction to protect transactions and achieve profitability as much as possible. These activities are in two parts of the reverse trading and trailing stops, which combine several strategies and special mathematical formulas to follow the current price by the trailing stops.

4. Activities associated with exit from the market or end transactions. The measures are associated with the methods to exit the market. within the first case, the entire transaction profit is reached at the optimal point, within the second, the elimination of trades that are in any case disadvantaged, like a mismatch in forecasting or the news that changes the market atmosphere.

When your balance reaches a particular point, the robot eliminates these positions in small Parts (Position Close Partial) from the place of profit, not Deposit.   For More Details Please Visit

The Dragon Expert Advisor Forex Trading Robot

Dragon Forex Robot has generated 60%-180% ++ Monthly consistently.

Legendary Trading Strategy: Plots chart price in real time between all timeframes to find the best entry and exit points

Advanced Correlation Algorithm: EA will find correlation between Pairs and give hedge to your trade.

Default Optimized Setting: No need to set anything, our default Expert Advisor setting has been fully optimized.

Real Time Broker Shield: Keeps shady brokers from trading against you by guarding your trade information.

Hidden Take Profit and Stop Loss: Hide your take profit and stop loss so broker can’t cheat on you.

Undetectable Robot Trade: Our advanced forward testing show that your trade will be treated as normal trade like human trade on the broker side.

Advanced Pairs Detection: Choose the correlation pairs you want to trade. Expert Advisor will automatically adapt on the fly.

Time Filter: You can choose time when expert advisor open the trade, whether in London/America/Australia/Asian Market.

No Lagging Trade: Real time managing your trade without any lag.

ECN Broker Support: Expert Advisor optimized with your forex broker account type.

Easy to Setup: Just Download, Install on your metatrader 4, and you’re done. Designed for any skill level even for grandpa. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Loved By Forex Traders: Used by thousands of traders in their forex terminals every day. For More Information/Details: Please Visit / Click

FRC Forex Able EA

FRC Able EA uses a unique technique with popular indicator’s BB (Bollinger Bands), ADX (Average Directional Movement Index), MA (Moving Average). These techniques to repeatedly seek and find the simplest possible trading opportunities for you. It will then place trades on these opportunities and manage them dynamically to maximize profit levels.

Several sophisticated security functions are used to ensure that your trades are kept safe and 100% secure.

• Every trade is going to be entered through direct orders to nullify slippage and can be secured by SL and TP. It means your risk exposure is going to be very low while the profit potential is going to be high.

• The strategy of this EA is very accurate and safe.

• Order will open only when all 3 indicators show’s movement to Long or Short trade.

• FRC Forex Able EA is designed for GBP/USD currency pair only, and the best results show at the M30 time frame.  For More Details Please Click / Visit


Forex FRC Grider Auto-Trading Automated Robot EA

Forex FRC Grider EA uses a singular technique with popular indicator’s BB (Bollinger Bands), Stochastic Oscillator, RSI (Relative Strength Index).

These techniques to repeatedly seek and find the simplest possible trading opportunities for you.

• The strategy of this EA is very accurate. Order will open only then all 3 indicators show’s movement to Long or Short trade

The robot uses a Grid trading strategy. 

 FRC Grider EA is meant for GBP/USD currency pair, and the best results show at the M5 time-frame. EA can also be used on other currency pairs. For More Information, please Visit

Forex Five Auto-Trading Robot Software System EA

According to the Developers:
• Starting balance is 100
• 100%+ Monthly Profit Guaranteed
• Max 5-10% monthly Drawdown
• ForexFiv EA and does not use martingale or hedging
• It can work 24/5 and work time 07-21.  For More Information Please Visit

FRC KILLER EA Automated Forex Trading Robot

FRC Forex Killer EA – Kill or Die? Developer claim Guaranteed annual income Around 300%-500%!

• FRC Killer EA working in two directions (Buy and Sell).
• EA can place buy stop (limit), or sell stop (limit) orders at an equivalent time.
• EA does not use the martingale system.
• The unique strategy of EA can survive a crisis or lifts period on the market.
• FRC Forex Killer robot uses three specially designed indicators.
• The trading results are incredibly good.
• The robot is in a position to separate the Flat, Trend, which allows for very accurate trade goals.
• The recommended pair is EUR/USD.
• FRC Killer robot requires to use the M1 time frame only. Fore More Details: Visit

Forex FRC Investor Forex Auto-Trading Robot

• FRC Investor EA – the heart of the EA is a unique method of building a “spiral trade”.
• EA working in two directions (Buy and Sell).
• EA was designed for long-term trades only.
• Guaranteed annual income is 200%-650%.
• FRC Investor EA use strategy of reverse “clever” and unique safe martingale system.
• Robot also uses the maximum and minimum price direction for the entry.
• This EA will never suffer a loss if you use it according to instructions!!!
• Recommended pair is EUR/USD.
• FRC Investor EA requires to use the M30 time frame only. For More Information: Click


Core Forex Auto Trading Robot Software 

Forex Core EA unlimited EA was tested with EURUSD pair for one year and the results are pretty great.
•This EA does bit martingale(one level) observed so far and it opens multiple trades. I have tried with $1000 balance.
•Time-Frame: 15 Min
•Deposit: $1000
•Test period: 1 Year
•Balance after test: $9200(around 920%)
•This EA returned best results with EURUSD compared to other pairs. I always recommend micro account to test or try any martingale based EA for real accounts.
•Test the EA in demo account first before going live. Please let us know your feedback. For more information Please Visit

FRC Forex Long Runner EA Robot Software

• FRC Forex Long Runner EA working with high/low strategy and use accurate sell stop and buy stop algorithm trades!
• FRC Long Runner EA working by a singular future trading strategy. EA intended for long trade and investment.
• Force Long Runner EA uses specially designed indicators (high/low) that are embedded inside the EA.
• This FRC EA may be a great investment helper, and may potential to deliver impressive profits!

• The recommended pair is EUR/USD and GBP/USD.
• FRC Forex Long Runner EA requires the utilization of D1 time-frame only. For More Information: Click

FRC MAX Forex Automated Trading EA Robot

FRC Max EA Robot is an EA with accurate and sensible logic! Working by profit, or profit in money strategy.
• It doesn’t matter where the worth goes, up or down.
• The EA capable of finding solutions for any challenging situations! Guaranteed annual income 400-600 percent!!!
• The FRC Max robot using a unique strategy. It’s a “Marti Locker”. This feature locks the orders using the martingale function. This martingale strategy isn’t dangerous, because EA can open trades in any direction! So your equity always is going to be saved! EA also using popular indicators of MT4 MA, SMA, RSI, MACD.
• FRC Max robot use TP and SL levels, can get profit in money, or use for trade only established equity!
• The robot is often used with a small deposit, also he can get good income briefly time with small risk!
• The recommended pair is EUR/USD (also are often optimized for other pairs).
• FRC Max EA Robot requires to use the M5 time frame. For Further Details: Please Visit

FRC Revolutionary ROBOT Automated Forex Trading Robot EA

• FRC REVOLUTION EA working in two directions (Buy and Sell). EA uses “clever” martingale system. The unique strategy of EA may increase your deposit several times just over a couple of months!
• FRC Revolution EA use some specially designed indicators. Trading results are incredibly perfect, and therefore the loss percentage is extremely low.
Force Revolution EA Settings
• Force Evolution EA requires to use the M30 or H1 time-frame only.
• The recommended pair are EUR/USD, GBPUSD. For More Information, please Visit

FRC Forex Titanium Auto-Trading Robot Software System EA

• FRC Titanium Forex EA Robot works using multiple strategies and use sell stop and buy stop algorithm trades!
• EA working by a unique multi-currency trading strategy. This Robot EA intended for long/short trades and investment, but also can be used for quick deposit increases.
• FRC Forex Titanium EA uses especially improved MT4 indicators (MACD, ADX, RSI, Bollinger Bands, ATR) which are embedded inside the EA.
• Transactions carried out once or twice a week or less. Therefore, if you are impatient, you should choose another EA!
• EA working in multiple currency mode. The time frame from M15 to H1. For More Information, Please Visit

Tripple Force FRC Forex EA Software Robot

  • Tripple Force FRC EA Forex Bot uses a unique technique with three trading algorithms.
  • These techniques to continually seek and find the best possible trading opportunities for you. It will then place trades on these opportunities and manage them dynamically to maximize profit levels.
  • EA can use the Grid method, or martingale method, depending on the market situation.
  • Several sophisticated security functions are used to ensure that your trades are kept safe and 100% secure.
  • The drawdown of the account balance can reach 60% of your margin at the max, but profit will be 2-3 times bigger!
  • EA can get a big profit in a short time!  Get More Infomation HERE

Hacked Forex Robot Auto-Trading Software EA

New Forex Hacked Pro is multicurrency and now it can be used simultaneously on nine currency pairs (see characteristics below).

Forex Hacked Pro works using the martingale method, but entries into the market are made by three scalping strategies, which increases the likelihood accurate inputs and reduces the potential danger from the ordinary course of trade by the method of Martin Gale.

Characteristics of the Forex Hacked Pro

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: H1  For More Details: Please Visit

Forex Champ-Tramp EA – Multi-Currency Forex Robot With Soft Martingale

As per the Developers/Company: We bring back your attention one among our developments – multi currency Forex trading advisor Forex Tramp for the Meta Trader 4 platform.  The adviser has been trading on our real accounts since the start of 2013, shows stable profits and – most significantly – doesn’t cause great concern for the security of the deposit.

Tramp Champ Forex Advisor StrategyAs per the Developers: The trading strategy of the Forex Tramp Champ adviser belongs to the class of so-called breakdown strategies that generate signals to enter the market when the price crosses the border of the trading range, in the direction of the price movement. Generally speaking, breakout trading is one of the most popular and often used Forex trading strategies. Unfortunately, classic strategies of this sort , developed way back and once showed enviable leads to real Forex trading, not add the fashionable market. Therefore, we had to significantly modify and supplement the prevailing breakdown strategies so as to get an algorithm suitable for successful trading in fully automatic mode. For More Details Please Visit

Forex Pips Killer


Forex Pips Killer is an ultimate software which may be very profitable during Forex Trading.











• EASY TO USE.     More Details:  Please VISIT


Forex FRC Aggressive Auto Trading Robot EA

  • Forex Aggressor EA FRC working with an aggressive strategy and have an extremely accurate algorithm!
  • EA Robot working by pyramid trading strategy. (Buy and Sell).
  • The unique strategy of EA can Increase your deposit several times a month, or several dozen times a year!
  • Forex FRC Aggressor EA uses specially designed indicators that are embedded inside the The trading results are incredibly good.
  • FRC Aggressor EA requires to use the M30 or Daily time frame only. For More Details: Click

Forex FRC Dragon EA Automated Trading Robot

• Forex FRC Dragon EA – EA with accurate and really proportionality logic! EA working in two directions (Buy and Sell). EA was designed for long-term trades.
• EA uses strategy “Dragon”. This strategy not published anywhere and nowhere can be found.
• This new strategy is developed and embedded in Forex FRC Dragon robot our developers.
• The strategy consists of many Indicators like (Stoch),(MA),(SAR), and others.
• FRC Dragon robot use TP and SL levels, but can also get profit by indicators signals!
• The robot can be used with a small deposit, also can get good income for big investors in Forex marketing.

• The recommended pair is EUR/USD.
• FRC Dragon EA requires to use of the M5 or M15 time-frame.  To Know More: Click

The Forex Co-relation auto-trading Robot EA

This robot is the hard-work of Mr Pankaj Bhaban the Most rated registered MQL developer since 2010, over 9.6 ratings since the start. Correlation auto-trading forex robot is for all sizes of Forex Traders to gain the most out of all market conditions with fully automated trading.

Forex Correlation is a fully automated Expert Adviser robot with 1 click installation.


Correlation strategy used by many professional and bank traders for hedging position with its Correlated pairs to reduced exposure and risk while trading. Fx Correlation uses negatively Correlated pairs for pool execution which hedges each other to reduce and increase profits Eg. GBPUSD — EURGBP


Different Size of Accounts Yet same Performance, average monthly returns 30%

·      You are free to select the broker of your choice our EA works perfectly on all MT4 Supported brokers without any limitation, with balance 200$ whereas leverage 1:100 or higher recommended.

·      Our EA works on all types of accounts though mini, micro, ECN, STP whatsoever, runs with minimum PC hardware, VPS is recommended.

·      Fx Correlation EA takes consideration of all news times as well as high volatility also comes with hidden TakeProfit and StopLoss to avoid stop loss hunting making sure trades reach their targets.

·      All types of updates as well release are auto-updated in EA and notified too.

·      News Time No problem Fx Correlation is made to withstand all kind of fundamental news and high volatility due to it , also it has kept TakeProfit and StopLoss hidden to avoid stop huntings.

·      Performance With recommended settings a decent monthly 30% returns can be achieved, where as one can raise performance to even 200%+ by increasing Lot Size hence risk.

·      Account Size Works with account size as low as 200$ & as big as 300,000$ generating over ~ 30% a month! Safety remains the same for all accounts. To get this EA robot or for More Amazing Forex Trading EA Robots please Visit  or Contact us for more amazing deals and discounts on bulk purchases.

Double Forex Pro Auto-Trading Robot EA 

Just results are itself mind-blowing. To know more 

·         $16,238 profit in June 2020 with Double FX Robot

·         $37,021 profit in May 2020

·         $25,028 profit in April 2020

·         $25,075 profit in March 2020

·         $12,999 profit in February 2020

·         $18,041 profit in January 2020

·         $10,112 profit in December 2019

·         $4,082 profit in November 2019

·         $18,163 profit in October 2019

·         $13,771 profit in September 2019

·         $16,023 profit in August 2019 with Double FX Robot

·         $13,447 profit in July 2019

·         $14,484 profit in June 2019

·         $29,846 profit in May 2019

·         $31,229 profit in April 2019

·         $21,514 profit in March 2019

·         $14,316 profit in February 2019

·         $16,538 profit in January 2019

·         $8,296 profit in December 2018

·         $11,037 profit in November 2018

·         $12,777 profit in October 2018

·         $12,501 profit in September 2018

·         $14,574 profit in August 2018

·         $11,474 profit in July 2018 with Double FX Robot

·         $6,285 profit in June 2018

·         $9,851 profit in May 2018

·         $6,681 profit in April 2018

·         $10,588 profit in March 2018

·         $11,380 profit in February 2018

·         $7,540 profit in January 2018

·         $28,201 profit in December 2017

·         $53,058 profit in November 2017

·         $30,066 profit in October 2017

·         $17,595 profit in September 2017

·         $11,173 profit in August 2017

·         $5,008 profit in July 2017

·         $11,299 profit in June 2017

·         $11,063 profit in May 2017

·         $11,881 profit in April 2017

·         $11,407 profit in March 2017

·         $10,304 profit in February 2017

·         $10,923 profit in January 2017

·         $6,564 profit in December 2016

·         $11,410 profit in November 2016

·         $5,692 profit in October 2016

·         $8,350 profit in September 2016

·         To Know More Please Visit 

Evil Twin Scalper Auto-Trading Forex Robot EA 


  • Evil twin scalper EA is a very smart robot that uses the Two lines on the H4 Timeframe and the following indicators Zigzag +atr +cci two period and rsi+cci from Variable filter to feel out the sensitivity of the market price all integrated.
  • All of the basic algorithms of the robot have passed multiple tests on historical data over the past 11years, the principle of operation is maximally adapted to the dynamics and volatility of today’s market.
  • On this point, SMART tunnel automatically create trend line that market movement reacted in this point.
  • With the zigzag indicator integration it’ll find the highest and lowest price (support and resistance) and with this point the EA can Create a trend line which adapts, changes and updates automatically …
  • Evil twin scalper EA does not use Martingale, no hedging, no network. Always use a very small stop loss to protect your money. Evil twin scalper was optimised to work on the H1 and H4 timeframes, with a low spread broker and a 1:100 leverage or more is good. If you have a mini account, you can start using it for just $100 (Spread 01-20). Recommended time frame: H4
  • you can manage your time that tells to ea to trade in the special hour of the day. for example trade at midnight.
  • This ea has a smart function to manage your RISK and manage your Time with max 8% drawdown and Profit factor of around 7.0!!!   For More Details Please Visit / Click

Green Pips Profit Maker Robot Expert Advisor EA

As the name suggest its really a Green Pips Profit Making Expert Advisor Robot. Few Features

·         This is a NON Martingale EA – Anti-Martingale EA

·         This is really smart with strong and working Algorithms

·         News-Filter is inbuilt.

·         One of the most successful, predictive, accurate and Advanced Forex Robot.

·         Easy Install and work with minimum $200 equity balance.

·         For real time results please Visit

·         Auto-Trading: Open and Close trades automatically itself.

·         Multi-Currency EA –  It works with a preselected set of many major currency pairs.

·         Set and Forget –  Just set and Forget

·         Proper Money and Risk Management: It opens trade based on your equity balance with a proper assessment of risk.

·         Works with All brokers and Time Zones effectively.

·         Strategy used: Price Action and Breakout

·         Open trades only when market and spreads are favourable. It will not open trade always. Opens only after proper monitoring the market movement (Price Action and Breakout) and its profitability.

·         Real-time and excellent results however past results should not be considered a mirror image for future. Please Click or  Visit        

AF Global Expert Forex Trading Robot Expert Advisor EA

·         With a New & Improved ability the Expert can work even better than its predecessor AF Scalper! With more Profits and Reduced Risk!

·         Uses a Combination of Three Expert Advisors rolled into one. It’s a Combo of AF-Scalper + AF-Fibo-Scalper + AF-Trend-Killer Capabilities Now all in one AF-Global  Expert

·         This is the last Product Because after this the company will only be Refining AF Global Expert afterwards

·         With an improved Capability Expert can work even better

·         With more Profits and Reduced Risk of loss for Customers

·         Auto Money Management

·         News Filter

·         News Alert

·         Online Indicator

·         Hidden Stop Loss

·         Hidden Take Profit

·         Support All Broker Cent,Mini and Standard

More Details: Please Visit/Click

GS-Spider 2020 Latest version Forex Trading Robot EA

Robot Spider GS 2020 is the most stable and profitable version is built by Trader 21 already known to many profitable trading Advisor projects. The robot came out in 2020 and is designed for professional investing in the Forex market.

  • The robot can work on more than 20 currency pairs in a fully automatic mode(BEST GBP-USD). In its, strategy Advisor uses the grid structure of orders with a unique logic, which is one of the best developments on the moment among all existing grid-based algorithms

  • Robot Spider GS 2020 – an absolute novelty in 2020!

  • Best work with the GBP/USD currency pair in M5.

  • Yield GS Spider 2020 setup is about 300% per month!

  • In the example below, the Advisor works with aggressive

  • To Download or Know More details Click

Apex Scalper Expert Advisor EA Forex Robot

The unique algorithm of this adviser determines the emerging areas of supply and demand as they develop, after which it enters the positions within the Forex market at these levels. Transactions are supported by price fluctuations in supply and demand zones. Apex Scalper EA DOES NOT use martingale, grid, arbitrage or hedging elements. Transactions are always protected by a preventive stop loss.

Intelligent output functions

·         Prevention of losses by transferring to breakeven.

·         Smart trailing stop.

·         Multilevel profit-taking. Target profit levels are located at a distance of x pips from each other.

·         Apex Scalper runs on an hourly timeframe.

For More Details: Please Click/Visit

Armageddon Expert Advisor EA Forex Trading Robot

TF: M15

Armageddon (AMG) is a software program that operates on the FOREX market taking automated buying and selling decisions; it operates automatically without the need of any human intervention. The Armageddon robot requires a “MetaTrader4” trading platform which is freely available from a wide selection of FOREX brokers.
Broker Requirements: Armageddon works basically with any broker that can offer a MetaTrader4 platform, regardless of account type, if it uses micro or mini lots, 4 or 5 decimal quotations.Choosing a good broker is as important as the robot used for automatic trading.              For More Details: Please VISIT

Asia Scalper Pro Expert Advisor EA Forex Robot

Asia Scalper Pro is a MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor (Forex Trading Robot) scalping type that can perform forex trading transactions automatically for 24 hours x 5 days without any additional handling by the trader. Mainly recommended for the Asia Session specially GBP USD pair (but you can try other pairs too)


·         It can determine the achievement of the targets of the desired profit.

·         Can determine the distance in each Step OP

·         Can adjust Slippage

·         Can determine the amount of initial Lot and the next Lot step OP

·         Have Auto Lots Multiplier Features

·         It can choose the desired trading time automatically.

·         Can be used in 4 or 5 digits brokers

·         Small capital, Recommendation $50 in Cent Account

·         For More Details Please Visit  or Click 

ASSAR Elite Pro Forex Scalper

Below are not our personal views but As Claimed by the Company (Creator of this Expert Advisor EA Robot)

Are you a Forex Trader who’s tired of losing with every robot or strategy you’ve ever purchased and looking to earn consistent income from the forex market?  Do you want protection from broker theft, and achieve only high rewards with reduced risk of losses?

Then look no further! Meet the invincible Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper! With this unique piece of software, there’s no guesswork or learning how to trade forex…

It’s automated software that does all the work for you! Because Assar EA is designed to trade the way that banks, brokers, hedge funds and high net worth individuals trade, and Banks are always profitable… therefore Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper profitable always as well. Assar will trade in the market for you with only 10% risk!

Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper is the best because it is designed to trade with banks. Banks are always profitable and therefore Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper is profitable always as well. Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper utilizes hidden trailing, stop losses and auto adjusts your risk by a given % you provide into it’s settings.

It also incorporates a highly developed news filter for filtering out high impact, low impact, medium impact, public speakings and holidays to ensure you do not trade in high risk conditions. The Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper strategy is based on volume/volatility in which it reads thousands of ticks of data during a breakout of price. While reading this data it calculates the amount of volume that is only provided by high net worth investors like banks, hedge funds and high net worth individuals.

During a engulfing candlestick in the market, One of two things are happening: Banks, hedge fund traders or high net worth individuals are inputting massive amounts of volume into the market or there was a high impact news release or some economic data released that caused the value of the currency to change rapidly. When the market moves on economic data, it’s typically by algorithms from banks adjusting the prices.

Assar will identify this breakout of the average price and quickly calculate the volume by reading the ticks in the market. When it gets a signal it’s typically reading very particular bank volume or high impact volume from institutions of some sort. So we are trading with the banks and brokers and hedge funds and high net worth individuals. When we trade along side of the best trades in the world, we have no option but to make profits. The banks and big investors have full control over the markets. This is why they can profit so easily. Imagine if you were to know their strategies? Imagine if you could trade exactly as they do? This is where the series of Assar forex robots comes in. 

Original BabeBlade Pro Algorithm based EA Forex Trading Robot

The Babe Blade Pro Algorithm based Expert Advisor is based on Neural networks and Deep Learning with special Algorithm to entry the market

Features and some useful indicators

·         Allow compound interest or Fix lots by user

·         Spreads protection, using pending orders without market orders

·         No grid, 1 order – maximum 2 orders at the same time

·         No martingale

·         A small Stop-loss for every trade

·         Combine with Ichimoku and MACD indicators

·         For More Amazing Forex Trading EA Robots please Visit  or contact us for more amazing deals and discounts on bulk purchases. 

Why Blastbands EA With RMI EA ?

              If you are looking for a stable monthly profit from the reliable EA, then you can also try Blast-bands EA along with the other profitable EA. This is the profitable Ea for the last 13 year and there is good fxbook profit for this EA

              Blast-bands EA takes 5-10 trade daily and you can frow your account more than 15% in a month. Each trade has a reasonable stop-loss. You can use this EA on any broker, the EA creator prefers US-based broker or but you can choose any. This EA scalp like a pro to the money market.

              The profitability of this EA is high. You can easily get 90% profitability using this EA. Do not have to believe me, you can test this EA by yourself. We recommend starting with the balance for $500. Blast-bands EA smartly uses the RMI indicator for each trade it takes.

              You can trade this EA to any pair. The EA creator spent thousands of hours testing this EA on every pair. Keep in mind, the lower the spread the more profit you can make. And you have to keep eye on the money management of your account.

              Trades 5-10 times a day

              Profit can be scaled up to +15% a month!

              (Rarely hit) Built in stop loss for protection!

              Can be used at US based (regulated) brokers

              Scalps the market like a pro

              FIFO compliant!

              Profitable trades every 1-2 hours on average

              Can be used on broker accounts sizes of just $500. More Details Please Visit

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